Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I probably already have this picture somewhere on my blog but I was looking for one of Tim and like this one. I feel like such a bad mom today. Tim's been going to school on Tuesdays at a school geared towards homeschooled kids and then since he loved that so much we put him in a regular school the other days. This regular school is only half day on Wednesdays and I completely forgot that this week. It was snowing like crazy today and I was thinking I had a good hour till time to go get him and he showed up at the door! I felt awful, he's such a sweet kid, rarely complains about anything. It wouldn't have been so bad if he had a coat and hat on. It was good at least that the snow wasn't bad enough that the bus driver had to drop the kids off up at the highway, that would have been over 4 miles for him to walk. As it was I think it was about a mile and a half.
I woke up to snow today. This picture was taken when I was driving back from taking Tim to school, not far from my house. It's still snowing but not alot on the ground, maybe an inch. It must be affecting my internet satellite because I've been trying to post this picture for quite awhile today.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Seeing the old barns also reminded me of the time when my dad and I went up to Whatcom County, I think it was when we were working on our family genealogy. This is a picture of the barn that my dad helped his grandpa build in the 1930's when he was a child. The house where they lived wasn't there anymore but the barn was doing fine.

***This is being posted a couple days later. I asked Dad where this barn is located and here's what he said, "The Barn is or was on the property on the Telegraph road just south of the old Liberty school, on the east side. My grandparents bought the property about 1910, so the barn was built shortly after that." He didn't say but this property was somewhere between Bellingham and Sumas. It was a surprise to me for him to say that the barn would have been built shortly after 1910 since my dad wasn't even born till 1931 but I guess it makes sense as my dad's grandpa died when my dad was 8 or 9 years old. Maybe what my dad had said was that he helped his grandpa in the barn. I would love to drive up to Whatcom County one of these days and see if the barn is still there.
After seeing some other pictures of barns it got me to thinking about a couple pictures I had. This is a barn that was in Sequim for a long time and when we'd go to Dungeness Spit camping we'd see it leaning more and more until one day it had collapsed. As I look at this old picture of it I see animals near it and have to wonder just how long this barn was used for the animals shelter.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

These are my 2 sweet grandson's, Joey on the left and Aaron on the right. Shane is in the Army stationed in Savannah, Georgia. Him and Melissa told the boys last weekend that they were going for a drive but not where they were going and they went to Universal Studios and Disneyworld. They all had a blast! I miss the boys but am glad that they and their mom can live with Shane. He spent a year stationed in South Korea and being away from family.

I was going to try and post something everyday but today have had a very lazy day so haven't even gone outside. Pat got home from Seattle late last night and we ended up sleeping in till almost noon and have been very lazy today but it's nice to have a day to just relax. I need to get outside and clean the other chicken houses before we get a bunch of snow but can't get the energy.

Friday, February 23, 2007

This picture reminds me of Spring, something I've been craving, nice warm weather to takes walks in. This was taken up the road from here. Always cracks me up when the animals around here come over to the fence to greet us as we walk by.

This morning I woke up to snow again, just enough to make it look pretty out there with a dusting of snow on the branches of the trees, very icy out too though. I wasn't wanting to drive in it but Tim wanted to go to school so I took him. It is always such a beautiful drive going into the very small town of Joyce where he goes to school. I was sure wishing I would have brought my camera, Monday for sure. I need to go into town today so I thought about driving out to Joyce first but it probably wouldn't look the same without the early morning sun on the hills around Joyce.

I stayed awake much too late last night listening to a book on cd. I try to take a nap in the evening so I can talk to Pat after he gets off work at 11 and drives to our trailer. I sure don't get enough sleep to be able to stand that alarm clock going off at 6:30am. I've got the alarm set to "crow", need to change that before I get to where I hate the sound of roosters. Speaking of roosters I took one of the Silky Roosters over to Dad's a week ago since his rooster had disappeared. I put the rooster in with the 3 hens and they let him know he was very unwelcome there! Dad did say later though that when he checked on him the next day he was enjoying the chicken house and just staying away from the hens. Hopefully they'll get used to each other. Stephen and I moved the chicken yard yesterday since it was getting muddy there. I cleaned out the Silkies house and put new shavings in, still need to clean out the Barred Rocks house today and the Buttercups house. I hope it warms up!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is the first picture I ever saw of my house. We were living in Seattle but had decided we wanted to move to Port Angeles. I was looking on and saw the ad with this picture of this house with 10 acres at a price we could afford. I figured that it was a come-on but we drove over here anyway to look at it. It was March 15th and we had snow in Western Washington but not alot. We were following the real estate agent as she drove to this house and as she climbed higher and the snow grew deeper we fell in love with the area and by the time we got to this house with a foot of snow we already loved it and knew that somehow we would buy it. The rest is history. We love this house and the land around it and the town. We are so blessed!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Here is another good picture of Shawn that I found on my computer when I was looking for something else.

Haven't posted much lately. Tim went to Crescent School last week 1/2 days and did really well so we were going to try and put him into full days but last Friday he got sick with a wicked cold so he's been home all week.

I haven't been feeling great myself lately, went to the drs yesterday and will have testing done next week. It's been such a long, cold and windy winter here, can't wait till Spring! We have had at least some snow here since Thanksgiving weekend! It's starting to cloud up some but last time I looked it was still in the 20's on the porch. Haven't done any sewing lately and I'm missing it. I have to take Thunder to the vet today and get groceries but hopefully can take a little time to sew too.