Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been awhile again since I posted. I put a new picture of the house on here with it's new roof!! I thought it would never happen but we finally got it. The old shake roof was 30+ years old and had bats living under the shakes and I hate bats!! We had to get new skylights too but it was worth it in the end. We got opening skylights in the bedroom and upstairs bathroom which is nice when it's hot out but it never seems to get hot out here. This summer and last summer had very few hot days. I'm so glad I picked the 2 guys that ended up doing our roof. They are so nice and easy going and we ended up having them do other things too, like the lattice under the porches and deck, and doing some wiring in the garage, installed a "new" door in the garage (one I got for free a couple years ago) and put in a new window in the garage. We're going to have them do more but we're taking a break from it until we see if Pat goes on strike next week.

Mom is doing better so that's sure good. Her birthday is coming up soon, September 10th she'll be 83! I really need to finish this quilt I started last Fall for her. When she was in the nursing home last Fall she was talking about how much she loves the Fall colors and I decided then to give her this quilt. This picture of the unfinished quilt doesn't show the richness of the colors but you get the idea. It's also very, very soft with all flannels. I just need to finish tying it and do the binding and then I'll be done. I guess I'll end this posting here for now. I have so much to do today. Pat hasn't been home in weeks and I think he'll be coming home tonight or soon. He's going to do my brakes today. I left my car over there and brought his home a few days ago. My brakes were so bad I just couldn't drive it anymore. The rotor on the front drivers side had deep grooves in it.