Friday, June 30, 2006

Tim and I went strawberry picking with Pennie and her little boy Carson yesterday. Pennie started a Farmgirl Chapter, just her and I are members so far. Our chapter is called "The Farm Chicks". Tim and I first went to her house and she gave us a tour, what a beautiful place and I love the pond with the ducks and all the other animals. Here's a picture of Pennie, Carson and Tim after we got done picking. I don't know why this one came out so small, I'll have to try to upload it again but for now here it is.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

We dug 2 deep holes to put my new clothesline poles in and the kids (Joey and Aaron, my 2 grandkids-- I can't be old enough to be a grandma!!) wanted to stand in one and get their picture taken. Thunder and Missy, our 2 boxers, wanted in the picture too.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here's the front view of the apron I finished last night. I just strung the cable on my new clothesline poles so decided to hang the apron on it for the picture. As you can probably see it's pretty breezy today, nice change from the last couple days when it was hot here. On the upper part of the apron and across the area where the pockets are is a dark line but it's just shadow from the other lines. Look how blue the sky is! What a gorgeous day!

***Posting to this 2/27/07 Will it ever be warm enough again to hang clothes on the clothesline? I can barely get myself to go outside and clean the chicken houses. Most of the time I don't feel as old as I am but I sure can't stand the cold weather the older I get.

I love this picture too. This one is after a busy day of visiting with Shane. Joey was pretty wiped out. I didn't know how he would do with the night flights and connections and general lack of sleep during our whole trip but he was an absolute angel! I miss those boys already! They flew from Seattle to Savannah, Georgia last night with their Mom to live with Shane.

I just love this picture. This is my son Shane (who I just found out yesterday is in the hospital with malaria). I had gone to see his graduation from basic training and while he knew that I was flying there with his dad and stepmom he didn't know that we were bringing his then 6 year old son Joey. We had to not even tell Joey we were bringing him until the night before we left so he wouldn't tell his Dad when he called. There's an arcade in the picture and Joey was hiding in there and was supposed to wait till I called him to come out but I got so swept away with emotions at seeing how much Shane had changed in the short time he had been in basic training I forgot and then we heard Joey call out "Daddy!" and ran into his Dad's arms. I think we all shed some tears. In this picture Joey is showing his Daddy where he had lost his first tooth.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Here's a picture of my first apron. I really love this pattern, might make the pockets a little bigger on my next one. I used the 1940's pattern. I'm almost done with my next apron and when I take a picture of it I'll take a picture of the back too. You can kind of see the strip that goes across the upper back and the apron ties in the back. It's very roomy and easy to put on and I love that chicken material! I've got to learn to get alot when I find fabric that I love! I got the pattern for this from a store but it's from I'll try and finish the next apron later today and post a picture of it. It's hot here today and I badly want to start making MaryJane's Apron! I bought fabric for it that is perfect for summer.