Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here's the picture of my oldest son Shawn, that I have been looking for. I really like this picture of him and he's with Joey, my cute and sweet little grandson.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's been a couple months since I posted. So much has happened since then but it will be hard to remember it all. The weather has been awful! We had a couple feet of snow Thanksgiving weekend which was beautiful but it started out pretty heavy and snapped trees all over the place so we ended up losing power for 5 days or so. That got very old! Here's a picture of our house during that snow.

We also had alot of windstorms and lost power during a couple of those too, the last time I just couldn't take it anymore so I bought a generator. We had bought a smaller one to use down at the neighbors for the pump for our shared well and I bought a larger one to use here so we could at least have some lights and the fan for the woodstove and also charge the batteries on cell phones and the laptop. The day after I bought the bigger generator and right after Pat got the other generator wired in at the neighbors the power came back on and hasn't gone out since.

I took Tim to Tacoma for his 2nd MRI since the 1st one in September showed a spot on his pinneal gland and they wanted to do this 2nd one using dye. I haven't heard anything from them, hopefully that's good news. It was a nightmare just trying to get that appt done. The 1st appt was Dec.4th and I also had a drs appt and figured I could make it to the MRI fine but forgot just how horrible traffic can be in Seattle so since we didn't make it in time we had to reschedule. We had an appt for Dec. 6th already at Tim's neurologist in Tacoma so we made the appt later that day for the MRI. We went to the neurologist and then made the mistake of going to run some errands and got caught in traffic so didn't make it again! On the way home to Port Angeles that night I hit a deer and wiped out the front end of my car pretty good so I've been having to drive the truck since then. I made the 3rd appt for Tim's MRI for the following Tuesday, figuring that we'd be partway there already since Tim's school is at least 30 minutes east of here. We were doing fine on time until the truck broke down not all that far from Tacoma! I called Pat and told him what happened and he said it sounded like the clogged fuel filter which it does sometimes and even though there was a spare filter in the glove compartment I didn't know how to change it so Pat drove down from Boeing and fixed it for me. I had planned on driving right back to Port Angeles that night so didn't bring a change of clothes or anything but I got the chance to change the MRI appt to the next afternoon so Tim and I spent the night at the trailer. I gave myself 1- 1/2hrs to make it from Federal Way to Tacoma and made it to the MRI with plenty of time. I wasn't taking any chances.

We had at least 2 of the Silkie hen's chicks hatch, one of them was dead when I first saw it so I don't think it lived long. The other one was so cute and looked healthy but it also died within a day or two. She sat on the last 3 for another week or two so I figured they just weren't going to hatch so I put her back in with the other Silkies and we're going to discourage her from setting on eggs for awhile. It was so cold in the greenhouse where we had her that her babies just didn't have a chance.

One of our windstorms broke our satellite dish for our internet and it took weeks to get it fixed. It sure is nice to have it back! We had to go back to dial-up for awhile. I guess I'm spoiled. I got myself a laptop in December and am loving it! I hooked it all up so that one of the kids can be online on this computer and I can be online at the same time on the laptop and also I can use the laptop with the wireless connection at Tim's school and other places that have a wireless connection.

I had a picture of Shawn with Joey that I really like and wanted to post on here but I can't find it now. I'll look around for it and post it later. I have a bunch of other good ones of him but I can't get them to post at a decent size, they're all so tiny you can barely see him.