Thursday, June 28, 2007

I was looking through some of my pictures to put one on here and found this one. It's a very old one lane bridge, over 100 yrs old. People have to stop when they get to it and see if somebody is already on it and take turns. They're supposed to be building a new one but I guess the estimates are way too high so I don't know if it will happen. The new bridge was supposed to also have a pedestrian bridge underneath to link the Olympic Discovery Trail. There's a beautiful view of the Elwha River from the bridge, even more gorgeous in the Fall.

I've been having alot of medical tests but things are looking better. One was from an abnormal mammogram so I had to go in for more pictures and an ultrasound the other day and it turned out it's just multiple cysts. Kind of scared me when they came in and asked me what age my Dad's sister was when she had breast cancer. I also switched from my beloved doctor over in Renton, 3 hrs from here, to a dr in town but I don't like this new one at all so I guess I'm back to trying to find one who's taking new patients and is on our insurance network. I've been driving to Renton for the past 5 years to see my dr but with all the medical stuff that's come up this year it was getting to be too much.

Tim is bored to death now that he's on summer vacation. The friends he made from school have been busy so far. He did get invited to a 4th of July party though. We need to find out if the parents will be home, etc and we always shoot off fireworks here and also go into town to watch those but I told him we'd try and work something out. Pat's off work all next week. The kids badly want to do something in the way of a vacation thing. I'm sure Pat will just want to spend the week around home. It makes it even harder because of Thunder's seizures. He went about a month with none and then a week or two ago he had a bad day where he had 3. We raised his Phenobarb dose but the vet says we can't go much higher.

Update 8/2/2007
The bridge pictured above was closed today, a month earlier than they were going to, because of the bridge accident in Minneapolis. It was scheduled to be torn down next month anyway and then the replacement bridge will be built but will take 2 years to build. I'm glad they decided not to take any chances with it but will miss the beautiful views from it, especially in the Fall.

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Beemoosie said... you have to drive over that bridge? i guess it would be ok if you were used to it...I'd have to think twice about going over it though! :)